Curby soft plastics program opens for all Central Coast residents!

Aug 9, 2021 | Initiatives

All households in the Central Coast Council area can now register to be part of a soft plastics recycling program, allowing them to recycle soft plastics from the convenience and safety of their own homes using the Curby Program.

The program builds upon the successful soft plastics recycling trial facilitated by Central Coast Council since November 2020, which had over 2500 Australian homes as participants and that have helped divert more than 10+ tonnes of soft plastic from landfill.

The program demonstrating collaboration within industry partners Nestlé and Licella on the Central Coast, will be run by Australian recyclers iQ Renew and CurbCycle, and will be made available through Central Coast Council’s kerbside collection system and will provide vital insights to help inform the development of a national soft plastics recycling scheme.

Learn more at Curby the Bilby website